Luna Classic

It was a great investment of our dao to buy a resort hotel or something like that, to increase the value of our project, so we could provide hotel rooms for $, and for lunc coins and other tokens that are in the lunc blockchain, this will be a big statement of the lunc project, real value and no virtual water, whoever implements this idea in the community can apply for the position of ceo. Otherwise, you will have a hotel that will bring seasonal dividends, think about my idea and improve it.

We need to think big. If there is anyone in our community who can find a hotel/farm from the above lists and make a plan of action for this idea, please do so,
The direction of the idea:
responsible persons:

  • manager-delegator,
  • lawyers,
  • notaries.
    Property, real estate, business, etc. must belong to the luna classic blockchain (everyone who owns a luna classic coin), all profits must go to the luna classic blockchain to increase the value of the lunc coin itself, and [NEVER print Luna Classic!]. The property must be in the hands of investors in the form of luna classic coins.
    Any actions related to the purchase/sale of DAO assets (real estate, business) must be carried out by the “delegating manager”, during the voting - when each investor votes for this proposal (yes/no); For security reasons, information about the delegating manager should be published on the dao agora forum.
    The right to manage the position for 4 years. Without the right to re-election.