Massive burns through a lunch card?

Hi! I have a suggestion for massive lunch burns, what do you think of the idea?

LUNC + VISA + utility + usability in the real world = Burn :fire::fire::fire:
1- Create a prepaid debit card.
2- People instead of using the traditional card to make their purchases, use LUNC.
3- There is a small fee that will be used for burning.

#LuncCard #LuncCardVisa #Lunc

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Lunc fluctuations. :relieved:
It makes people lose money if they use a credit card paying with Lunc
That would only be useful for those who would only use rewards to pay.

but you can create a fiat currency card. The LUNC community, for example, would use this card instead of any other to make their day-to-day purchases. This would generate fees that could be used to buy LUNCs and send them to burns. The card does not need to be powered by LUNC.

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