Merging Proposals 11463 and 11462

This is yet another L1 team proposal. I propose a team of 6 people + 1 assistant to handle all the necessary work to do the parity upgrade work in Q2. Please look at the details outlined below.

At the moment it looks like proposal 11463 and 11462 are not passing. Both of them. I think the final result is not settled yet. But I smell a certain risk, that none of these proposals passes. But having no team to work on the L1 would be the worst thing that could happen to us as the community of this chain. This is why I decided to put this one here on Agora.


Scope of Work:

The scope of work is pretty straightforward: The main scope of work for this team is to make the parity upgrade. This means:

  • API breakage and upgrade Testing for the alpha release v2.0.0 of the terrad binary
  • Finalize the currently ongoing switch to the canonical wasmd smart contracting platform and migrating the current wasm state of the chain to that canonical platform
  • API breakage and upgrade testing for the wasmd upgrade
  • Houskeeping and finalization and/or testing of backlog items and issues in the GitHub repository under GitHub - classic-terra/core: GO implementation of the Terra Classic Protocol


$6,200/month for Bilbo Baggins x 3 months = $18,600 overall for Q2
$6,200/month for SolidSnake x 3 months = $18,600 overall for Q2
$6,200/month for Vinh x 3 months = $18,600 for Q2
$5,000/month for NotJoshC x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for MangoChutney x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for ChopstickSensei x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for LuncBurnArmy x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2

In addition to that (and to make the resulting sum nicely round and dandy) I would suggest $34,200 of “flexibility budget”. The team is free to use this flexibility budget in order to pay for computing costs, office management systems or even consulting.

That’s an overall $150,000. At a conversion rate of 0,000126 this makes roughly 1,182,965,300 of LUNC out of the community pool. This is about the half of what is currently in there. So it leaves enough room for other spend proposals to pass or even for the Q3 work to be put forward.

The amount received from a spend proposal would be swapped to USTC first. To exit from volatility risk. Payments of team members would happen at a monthly basis at the end of the month.

This proposal would only be put up for a vote on Station if none of the proposals 11463 and 11462 passes. It’s subject to modifications as the discussion goes on.


The scope of work might look a bit fuzzy. I am not a good proposal writer. But I am a software developer. And I can tell you this: In software development we can try to break down the issues to be tackled to the nitty-gritty and try to plan everything through with contracts and penalties and all that stuff. Or we can give a general but precise scope of work and let the details fit into that - giving the team room to adapt to changing external situations. I prefer the latter approach.

You will notice the inclusion of @LuncBurnArmy. A team needs a manager. Believe me. Rabbi says it’s not needed. But he didn’t worked on that Q1 team. In Q1 @LuncBurnArmy

  • moderated our daily talks and planning sessions.
  • took care of the GitHub backlog and project houskeeping
  • made the outlines, presentations and timelines
  • handled the community sentiment and outside communications (you know - that’s what I respect him most for)
  • handled some fun items like the Luna Classic Status page

So - I wouldn’t wanna miss him. He is a sincere and transparent person. And he REALLY earned that bump - Especially for handling you - the community - extremely well and professionally (without outage or rant or whatever).

Jacob is missing from this proposal. I am sure you guys and gals know about his recent rant on Twitter. He publicly described the Terra Classic chain to be the cursed daughter of Do Kwon and wants to publicly smash and burn the Notional validator hardware and sprinkle it with holy water. I mean - It’s funny that he wants to destroy his hardware and I am really excited to see that video that he promised. But - c’mon. It’s not funny how he talks about us and how he presents us in the greater Cosmos space. Sorry, that guy does not belong here. Never - ever!

Next question you probably gonna have: I am missing in that team. To keep the budged straight I had the choice to include Vinh or myself into the L1 team. The obvious choice is Vinh. He has much more experience with Cosmos SDK than I do. Period.


Let’s talk about this. I mean, I discussed none of this with the the individuals involved. So it’s really like a very rough outline of what I imagine under “Q2 L1 work”. Pholuna made a similar proposal that does not include LBA. Check that one out too. We need to find a consensus on this matter. And it would be nice to have a consensus that passes a little better that with 51% yes votes. Everything else splits us apart. So let me know what you think!


I would prefer the whole Bilbo team with the addition of Frag and Vihn.

No offense to LBA but I would rather the approach that Bilbo takes in community to the approach that LBA takes.

I would like to see you and Vihn talk to the Bilbo team and see about coming to an agreement.

We all want a great dev team and they have expressed interest in you and Vihn joining them.


im liking the other prop more i think im gonna use my validator to vote for the other one

The L1 Team’s proposal is probably gonna pass. If it doesn’t, I’ll be damn surprised.

I am all for more devs on the chain.
I have my doubts about the need for project manager for this scale (as the responses are sparse and chaotic from LBA), but if the 6 man team you propose say it helps the chain overcome and actually move us forward then sure. I am all for it.

@Bilbo @solidsnake @mangochutney @chopstick.sensei @notjoshc


I would like frag to be included on the team if he is open to it. If frag is open to it, and there is not an open spot use the flexibility budget to create a new dev position or replace a dev on the list with frag.

Frag is right, we can not afford to not have an L1 team if both props fail. Thank you.


Interesting proposal, providing the others do not pass (one very well may). Reduce the OPEX budget and add yourself in the team Frag, we don’t want to lose one of the main devs from Q1, that would be a loss for not as much gain (you at 6.2k is only 18.6k per quarter). Slim the OPEX to 15k and add yourself back in. Or something like that. If neither current proposals pass then I suggest private negotiations between both groups then put forward a finalised prop with both teams input, and regarding LBA’s position. With that many devs it would seem to be even more needed to me, but both teams would have to come to an agreement. Obviously if neither current prop passes we need to do something different to move forward for the community with an L1 Team which can be accepted. Regards.


I don’t see LBA as a project manager. I just imagine myself in the situation as a dev (I can tell, because I was in that situation, obviously): Do I want to handle all that community sh***y stuff that is going on on Twitter/Discord? I can tell you: I am sick of it. And I would rather have @LuncBurnArmy being payed for growing the grey hairs for me. Because I love the color of my hair. Believe me: His positivity is a blessing. It really gave me a lot of confidence over the past 3 months and he really welded the team together. The new team is a rather loose collection of devs who don’t know each other and who did not work together (like the individuals from Q1). LBA will put them together with speed. For fact.


I like this idea

The only shame is your name missing @fragwuerdig from what I have learnt/read you and vihn worked well together.

If there would be anyway to get you added to this it would be fantastic.

I also agree to the addition of @LuncBurnArmy due to the fact this team is now much bigger. Being a project manager, he could really help split the Devs up above and delegate jobs to teams, pass comms between teams and be an active member of the community to let us know what’s happening when with all the jobs you listed above that he does.

I look forward to reading the discussions here,

I would love for everyone to keep it constructive :slight_smile:

Peace x


I can see where you are coming from on this… Agreed.
You will be on the team, right?


@fragwuerdig why are you not included in budget?

Is proposal coordinated between ALL involved in proposal?

No - tbh: it has not been coordinated. I already pinged all involved individuals and will discuss with them and with the community. But I rather see it as work in progress. Open to modification. I want to gain as much consensus as possible: Because the community is split, obviously.


We want you and vinh working on this too. You guys are the best so please do!


Vinh is already on there. I can put myself up on a voluntary basis if you want.


It is Communities will. Thus it is irrefutable.
And don’t make it a charity. If you do the work, you should be rewarded just as the rest of them.

The 34,200 USD freebie budget will be contested and questioned and it’s use is fitting to contract you.


I agree that it is doing the community no good to pass a proppsal that only just passes as it shows a major split in consensus.

Great work Frag, i am sure between yourself and Vinhs discussions with Bilbo etc (if neither proposal passes) you will all come up with a new propopsal that will blow the previous 2 out of the water and hopefully Bilbo team will add more tasks to the list now that their will be more senior developers to do the work.

I do wish you would add yourself to the proposal though, i understand your reasonings of why not but everyone can see how hard you have worked on the chain and would most likley want this to continue.

Did you check out the teams ama for anyone that wanted to ask them questions?

Here was my suggestion too that Frag referenced


You’re valuable to the community man so whatever you see is best! Also, have you confirmed with everybody if it’s something they’d be happy to do? If combined, this team can be a powerhouse for lunc.

The problem I have with this proposal is the same one I initially had with Rabbi’s. All the relevant parties have not been approached and spoken to.

I think that’s the prerequisite for people to work together, no?

For example, Bilbo and co mentioned in another thread that they do not need a manager at this point, so it directly contradicts the idea of this proposal having him and LBA in the same team at this moment.

Also, if LBA is

a) agreeable; AND
b) competent,

then he would’ve already at the very least spoken to all the relevant parties and neatly organise a simple proposal.

This is really messy.

As it stands, this is just one big abstract of an idea until the relevant parties have all spoken to each other.


TBH: This was a very fast shot. Because I felt like I needed to do it.

I need to confirm this with all of them. That’s why I said: It’s only applicable if none of the current L1 props passes and it’s open to discussion/modification in order to gain as much community consensus. I don’t want a prop that passes with barely 51% yes votes. I want 70%, 80%, 90%.

I already pinged the included individuals. Feedback from Vinh: Too many devs. He is most xp’d in the Cosmos SDK space, so I tend to believe him. So I asked some of the team members to step back. But I think even 6 is workable. In Q1 we were 4 and I always felt like we had too little time to test things. We experienced that there were always too much items stuck in the “review” column of our backlog.

So in my world there would be an implementation subteam and a testing subteam. LBA would be free to organize that as he pleases.


Interesting compromise between the proposals, should they ever both fail on the voting period.
On one hand, we have more devs, which is always a good thing, on the other hand I’m tempted to say that LuncBurnArmy’s role as a team manager may be redundant as Bilbo and Snake would be volunteering to manage the team and the “PR” aspect of the development, but I’m not saying it would be entirely unnecessary either. (Although I, too, am more favorable to Bilbo’s approach to PR than LuncBurnArmy’s, but that is just my personal opinion)

I’m withholding my opinion for now, maybe the two teams will come to an agreement later on ?

Addendum : While I understand Vinh’s feedback from a developer POV, I think that the Q1 L1TF being only 4 members, for the hefty amount of work to be done, was too little.
The community should wish for the biggest team affordable on a reasonable budget.

In any case, more dialog is always for the best !