What will Do Kwon do after voting result is NO

Simple question, will he still keep pushing this proposal which is not wanted by community? Or really start thinking about burning or another?

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We’ll get more weeks of nothing going on, that’s what’s gonna happen.


thats the surprise!

Obviously, he is pushing his proposal toward voting…

Technically he can continue proposing, as there’s nothing against doing so. But I imagine that most of the voting power (validators & large stakers pre-crash) will have no choice but to vote yes. :frowning_woman:

He gonna do what he decided already.

But at least do something about the distribution.

How could he make people compete against the people who has millions /billions token now.

He at least should be distributing how the supply was.

Like on 11th May after he tweeted the price was around 1,2,3$ range the supply was probably 6 B tokens at that point.

So he should be distributing by that supply not make people compete against 6.9T tokens!


He will make his luna v2 anyway no matter what the result is

You just have to start thinking

Suppose someone has 1 billion coins in their wallet (which is the entire estimated future emission).
Do you propose to take away a person’s money just because you overpaid 1000% for your coins?) It was your personal choice.
No one bothered you to average your positions on the fall and stay on equal terms with him.
Instead, you watched your ship sink while others rescued it.
Now you are an investor, and they are speculators?

Can anyone explain something for me please. I’m Australian and have luna on coinspot.com.au exchange. With this fork will my coins get automatically swapped to v2?


So let’s say that they accept the proposal. What will happen with my 53 LUNA tokens at Binance bought for 2500$ now worth 1 cent…

Yes agreed any distribution MUST be done by supply at each time. Holders who bought at the early morning hours of May 12 (PST time) bought when the supply was still under 10B vs. holders who bought that evening when the supply was 10 times this number.