Osmosis users - can't find airdrop? Check here

hello, I use ledger how to transfer the address from keprl to terrastation, because the applications on the ledger are different?

Did Osmosis LP providers get only Luna airdrop? I had Luna - UST LP on there…but I only got refunded with Luna… Had also pre-attack around 10.500UST ,but didnt get nothing for that…

my Osmosis wallet : osmo1e439r5ps9aaf76hfapg3pm9s6ad5veapf0xel7
My Keplr terra address : terra1e439r5ps9aaf76hfapg3pm9s6ad5veap8s0ftv
my Terra station wallet : terra1fsa6rexv9hd8cwtjux6qzlel8hw34cpv6zq2ar


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There’s only Luna airdrop for UST holders too. And FYI, UST was not eligible for pre attack snapshot but it was only eligible for the post attack snapshot.

Hi, I just want to clarify if the Luna is claimable separately if you both have UST is osmosis and terra? I used my Keplr terra address as my main terra wallet (i.e. using ledger, use cosmo app to create terra wallet in xdefi wallet). I received my luna 2.0 in my Keplr terra address but I read from someone that if you have UST or Luna in osmosis you will still need to claim your Luna drop for your terra assets in osmosis via frontier separately by using the deposit button. However, in my case when I tried to click deposit I can only see my existing Luna. Since I don’t have that much UST in osmosis, I know my Luna drop for my UST in osmosis will be less than 1. Is this the reason why I don’t see additional Luna after doing the deposit method?

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Airdrop less than 1 Luna are not eligible, so that maybe the cause here.

yeah,I know its only Luna airdrop for UST holders… UST is history anyway?! But thats not fair at all,that there was no snapshot for pre-attack UST in Luna-UST LP,as it was of course 50% share of it… many of us lost a lot of money for nothing! Post attack UST people got airdrop ,jeez… weird decision really! I was holding Luna for a long time, mostly had it on Binance and stake it there… but just one month before attack I moved it to Osmosis… what a bad choice I made,especially with UST pair! Crappiest decision in my crypto life since 2017


UST was not eligible for the pre attack drop.

  1. Osmosis wallet address

  2. Terra wallet address(es)
    Keplr - terra15spsaq3tqusu5xd3u6jmtmpjh3h5lcmmqujvf7
    Terra Station - terra1re9p5x8tdkvgvmhrqra7wd93frhyf09juvzcf7

  3. Did you have an LP on Osmosis, if so, which one?
    Yes. LUNA/OSMO

  4. Or did you have individual Luna or UST coins on Osmosis, not in an LP?



this is my wallet adress can you inform me more bcs from 4 days i am trying to figure why my maintain network under maintenance ? i just want to know if i am included in the airdrop. !


I’ve gone through the steps as I have LUNA on Osmosis. However, I only have the private key. Here are my wallet addresses (I’m not in any LPs).

  1. Osmosis wallet address: osmo1t05l97rllesvzk9r3g2dlmlep8eeqe0hn0z3qd
  2. Terra wallet address(es):
    Terra Classic: terra1t05l97rllesvzk9r3g2dlmlep8eeqe0hastp5l
    Terra 2.0: terra1t05l97rllesvzk9r3g2dlmlep8eeqe0hastp5l

Both Terra addresses after following your steps show a 0 balance. But in my Osmosis wallet in Keplr I have a LUNA balance of: 2,209.053

Can you please assist?


Osmosis: osmo1h8tttgzfpqpgjlrtmv4wg4nc2u5ajp0xafe4ya
Terra Clasic: terra1nnjxna8hx9r7uqwjtlllswk25fc0sn6krj5ee0
Terra 2.0: terra1h8tttttgzfpqpgjlrtmv4wg4nc2u5ajp0xnks9s0

  1. LUNA- UST (removed before the atack)
  2. UST-OSMO (removed and evaporate after the attack)

I did a recover in Terra Station and everything was fine but no trace of the airdrop. it would be great to know what happened. Thanks!!

You are in the wrong thread. This is for Osmosis users.

This is not a valid address, anyway.

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Hey, you can use Xdefi wallet to choose either the Cosmos (118) or Terra (330) derivation path wallet.

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Thank you for all the detail. Is this your Osmo address? osmo1kjujs93lvmgqtsyq5lp2d8y295ukj2vtldc662 If so I’ll add both to the spreadsheet.

Hey, your Keplr address has the airdrop already. Terra Finder

No, the airdrop was done all in one transaction, no claiming necessary.

Hey, you have the airdrop on your Keplr address Terra Finder

Yes, it is!

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@rosanne89 Hey! Would you mind adding me to the spreadsheet?

Hey. Did you have this 2200 luna on May 7? Because it’s not enough for an airdrop on May 27.

Just looked on Mintscan, looks like it was May 13 unfortunately (if this is the first Luna transaction) :frowning: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation