Proposal for an official Luna Classic Twitter Space

To the Luna Classic community.
I would like to hear your feedback on this.

I am writing to propose the establishment of an official Twitter Spaces account for the Luna Classic (LUNC) community. As you may know, there are currently several Twitter Spaces being hosted, with the largest one being organized by Mr. Diamondhandz1, which is a great space!

However, we are currently facing a problem with regard to control over these Spaces. Luna Classic is a community token that is managed by the community itself.
But at the moment, control over the Twitter Spaces is not being exercised by the community.

We do not want to depend on one validator, one scripter, or one Twitter Spaces organizer. This is why Mr. Diamondhandz1’s motto of “Power to the people!” resonates with me.

The danger of the current situation is that lets say if Mr. Diamondhandz1 stops organizing LUNC Twitter Spaces, the community will be immediately impacted, as all followers who followed him for LUNC will be gone.

Additionally, people get blocked from some Twitter Spaces like the one from @boucingship now without any clear reason, which means they miss out on important information and cannot ask questions.
This is especially concerning since some people who are close to the project and paid by the community speak in those Spaces.

Another issue is that the same people in the current Twitter Spaces often get a lot of speaking time, while others hardly get a chance to ask questions.

Therefore, I believe it would be a good idea to establish an official Twitter Spaces account for the LUNC community, which can be managed by people appointed by the community.

These people should not be able to block individuals arbitrarily or for personal reasons, or for asking critical questions. This way, we can better serve our followers and attract more followers as a community.

Additionally, we could use this account to hold Twitter Spaces on various topics, such as marketing, and motivate the community to tweet more about LUC.

We can invite people with a marketing background to participate, or discuss how to approach companies to get them to join LUNC, or how to set up a project easily in LUNC with the help of LUNC scripters.

In summary, I propose the establishment of an official LUNC Twitter Spaces account in addition to the current Twitter Spaces, which will be online daily with various topics.

We could then pay the individuals who host the Twitter Spaces for LUNC with the LUNC Twitter account on an hourly basis for their services.

Thank you for your consideration.



Is this regarding Psy(ch)o Billy? :joy:


That ud be amazing we need fresh news direct topic and guide lunc comunity to the rights path in the union is the strength. Separate we don’t prevails

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Good idea. We need to have an official channel.

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Not a good idea while we don’t have a central voted body that represents the community!
The trouble you will end is the usual:
→ Team is allocated
→ Some members believe said team individuals are not trusted or decentralized
→ Team is FUDed to the point it become obsolete as an idea
→ Power struggle between community members to bring up their own team and control THE twitter account
→ …back to the first bullet point

Ouroboros at its’ best.


Great idea but difficult to accomplish with all the different teams wanna claim their own doings.