[Proposal] Small burn to give the power back to the community


Stop relying on arbitrary people trying to push their will on us.
Use our coins instead to make our voices heard. That’s how DAO works.
People who had their LUNAs on exchanges or on other networks or bought some post crash or want to buy some now are not able to vote. They are being censored.

Use a small amount of LUNAs tokens to send to a burn address to signal our dissatisfaction.
It’s a way to vote on-chain for the burn and against the fork.


Give the power back to the community.
Fight censorship. Our coins our votes our decisions.


TerraStation currently shows 4 million wallets. If a quarter of the wallet owners use 10$ to buy LUNA tokens (or use existing coins) and send them to a burn address, we can burn 1% of the total supply at current market price.
This not only shows our strength as a community, but also that in a DAO, we can all express our view and no one can prevent us from doing so.
Besides this shows our ability to raise funds but also to save our great ecosystem and its vibrant community including those who got rekt.

We don’t need to synchronise, if you agree just do it your way, and if we all do it it will show. If not then you’re losing 10$ but at least you expressed your dissatisfaction.

Only do this if you can afford to lose 10$.
And if you can’t but you agree, just use 1cts or whatever but the most important point is that you can use your coin(s) to make your voice heard.


I will burn some but what is terra burn address do you know ?

even do kwon and his team wont spend their money for burning luna :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I made a related proposal (3 in fact in making mistakes, as I am a newbie) in the goverance system in specifying the official burner address.
I have sent already 1+9 millions to this burner address.
my proposals were displayed for a few hours, then today they disapeared.
I made new same proposals today (one with initial deposit 100 000 lunas), they are successful on the blockchain but they don’t show up in the governance webpage.
it the censorship is so strong, it is no more a DAO.
my proposals were not politically focused as yours but I agree with you now.