Seeing his retweets today, I realized the only way to save Luna is for kwon to step down from Terra

All these oppositions against fork and luna.
Does he even care?

All those suggestions and proposals to save luna and even the ones that seem good
and plausible to try.
Did he ever reply or make any comment on any of those?

What he is doing right now on twitter just made realize that luna and terra no longer need him.
He is only re-tweeting the ones that support the fork.
This makes me very pissed off and frustrated.


Yes he is going with Fork.

But at least do it in a fair way.

They should be distributing in a fair way.

People who bought during 8th to 12 tha may he kicked them out completely!

AT least distribute people by circulating.

Example if someone invested when the supply was at 450M he should be getting back according that circulation.

Who bought at 1B-10B they should be getting back according to that supply.

And whoever buying after 6.5T circulations they should be getting back according to it.

How could he put us to compete against 6.5T tokens!

AT least maybe put us at 35%

Maybe first snap shot should be before the last halt!

Go away kwon, WE want savez Luna, bo need fork and New luna

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