Voting should be on a indipendent place

Hello guys,

a voting should be held by an independant organisation/institution.

Or the Voting will be rigged 100%.

maybe binance can help out or coinbase.

Because how can you believe these people anymore, they ruined the entire ecosystem, japordysed 100k btc.

Indipendent Voting please.


Ya maybe a snapshot of all the stakers and allow wallets that are not validators tfl lfg kwon for vote

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How can we arrange such?

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stop spreading nonsense, you don’t understand how voting works.
everything is recorded on the blockchain.
read this How did the vote start with 11 MILLION votes? - #4 by alagiz

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Только хотел создать тему Вы меня опередили, как простым смертным достучаться до главы бинанса ?

And LFG scooped up LUNA on the cheap that went into staking to various validators right before locking governance.
Wager millions tokens delegated to DSRV 5 that then voted on their own are LFG’s :wink:

There is no such thing as a governance attack at all, and no one is bored enough to launch a governance attack. Here we only see the dictatorship, centralization and deception of the project side.