We are unable to paste direct link to classic chain

We are unable right now to paste direct link to classic station.
To fix this we should fork station and rename it eg. classicstation, but this could wait a while.
Expected result is direct URL to classic station eg. classicstation.terra.money

what do you mean by paste direct link? you can switch networks in terra station extension, refresh the page and you’ll see the classic network.

if you mean somebody should adjust the code to use classic as the default instead of the mainnet and host it separately - anybody is free to fork and adjust the code and host it somewhere.

hosting on the same domain will require some discussions with tfl.

As you said, you have to install station extension and switch to classic or load some random wallet address and switch to classic. Without it you can not see classic station. And it has some another problems caused by this. But as i said now the priority is the tax. So this could wait. And also this will take a while.

Or add settings button at position of currency settings, that for removed yesterday, for switching networks. But this will not fiy whole problem.

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Problem will be solved by proposal 4940. Close please.

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