What happens to the LUNA Classic? it has potential to be 10x of current valuation

Will you guys still support the LUNA Classic???
Will the exchanges still accept on their platforms???
Will you promote the Luna classic for developers??

If Luna classic dies, 100000s of small investors will loose it. “NEW LUNATICS” are a huge community, engage them and protect them.

No. They both will fail. Even Do Kwon knows this. He does not even want to save anyone. He is looking for an escape plan. I bought at luna at $40->$20->$3->$1->0.5 and it was my last money. Now, there are many people like me. But his plan does not include me and people like me. I only have 3K luna due to I bought at high price. Now people buys with pennies and they will also get rekt because everyone gets a slice of the pizza. Only devs and do kwon will gain money and all investors, ust holders will fail… There is no chance

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