Who attacked Terra/Luna?

Do Kwon,

You said Terra/Luna were attacked, are you not curious who attacked your company and stole billions of dollars? Why don’t you open a investigation and find out what happens to the money? It make me wonder, do you actually really care what happens? I see no effort from you and your team to trying to save Luna, LFG reserve went straight to Terra UST, heavily minted Luna were sold and went straight for Terra UST. What did you do for Luna? A proposal for V2? Delusional…

The community wants answer and not Luna V2.


Do Kwon & his closed ones

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because there are no attackers

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Do Kwon dışarıdan yardım alarak parayı aklandı.
Ve dolandırıldık deyip masum kuzu rolü yapıyor tekrar para yatırın diyor.
Sabah 5 te işe gidenler do Kwon a yardım parası topluyor do kwon da paraları tekrar cebe indirme planı ve hakkında açılacak davaları ört bas ediyor.

Truth speaks for itself… they call it an “attack” and yet there is Zero evidence of any attack, most importantly they are not interested either… says everything about the so called “attack”.

They were attacked by themselves to cashout and create the 3rd p0nzi rotflmao