I was cheated in trust wallets

it means the scammer sent the funds to binance. so you contact them with your transaction proof

sorry, I think you have misread the conversation here. A scammer has sent scammed funds to Binance, we recognise the wleht5 address as Binance’s address.

Where is it located ?on terra? to be sure not to do more stupidity! thank you

oh I am getting confused here. Are we talking about finding your airdrop or being scammed? Your wallet address can be copied from the top right-hand corner of Terra Station where it has your wallet name.

Hi @Cuong_Tran_Quoc ,

Most countries have a financial crimes division, particularly those that are part of the international monetary fund.

You may still check with your local law enforcement to see if they would be willing to open an investigation, or direct you to the correct agency for that in your country. They will have way more tools at their disposal than an individual would have to be able to help. It is still a long shot, but at least it can not hurt to try it out and see.

I am really sorry to hear about this - I hope they may be able to help you further.

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Oh no problem. I meant Binance are the ones that sent me to the ‘project team’ and thats how i got scammed.

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This is the address it was sent to terra1lgx22mh5n77vw7ac9ze2zklmgujw8pwks9r5sj


ok for air drop scam. I left an email for CEX and BINANCE. We’ll see! I’ll let you know!

As for the fact that I am missing about 200 luna on my airdrops. Who to turn to when you haven’t received the right airdrop? how to do? Is there an example of how to do it?


and let’s not forget this one terra1ncjg4a59x2pgvqy9qjyqprlj8lrwshm0wleht5 @foufoumel looks like the same asshole is striking. He seems to be doing quite well in Lunc. I hope that image works

That is binance’s wallet address. So the scammer transferred it to his account on binance - the only way to tell which account the scammer has on binance is by the memo of the transaction to that wallet address.

How to leave an email at Binance. Its support consists only of FAQs. I can’t get a contact.
Anyone have an address?

at the bottom right hand corner of the website, there is a yellow button for support

Yes I tried but I always fall back on ready-made sentences,

2nd question:In order to secure my terra 2.0 wallet, is it possible to change the wallet or passphrase? knowing that I have vesting?
How to do?

sadly not possible

so in 6 months, he’ll still be able to steal from us all? Since the airdrops are calculated and given for all on the same date…
Given the number of people who have been robbed, would it be possible to report this problem to find a solution before this problem occurs?

there is not a solution to move wallets. however! once they are in the ‘undelegating’ stage, there are some people (even terra moderators) who are able to run scripts to beat the scammers to moving it after the 21 days are up.

Ok do you have to make a request at this time to the delegates? or should I ask now?
personally I would like to secure this wallet as much as possible, which is what I have left of all my savings!

Considering how much they’ve won in just a few days, they’re going to want to do it again! After all they can recover another 70%…
thank you

@alagiz may be better at answering that. there’s not really any rush to do it.

I reported this address to binance giving all the information as requested. Too late, he removed everything… Binance tells me he can’t do anything (even if apparently he would have luna vesting)

My issue with this is using this chat is how I was directed to the other place. And the chats with everyone else were strange as well. Unfortunatley in hindsight. I am dubious on Biance’s chat.